(Japanese Style)

(American & European Style)
  • Having been made as ship’s cooking equipment, it stands use superbly long in any condition or treatment.
  • Sanitary because the top plate and externals are made of stainless steel.
  • Maintenance work including repair and check can be carried out easily in a short time.
  • Meticulous care has been taken for the safety of products in their design conforming to the rule. Performance is outstanding.
  • The hot plate is a special heater, controllable for the desired degree of temperature by means of a selector switch, excellent in heat conductivity and heat preservation to cook food reasonably.
  • Designed according to the DOT rule, it permits selection to the number of persons.
  • The main switch, provided,doubly ensures the safey of the cooking range,
  • The inside of the oven keeps warmth completely.
  • The oven is provided with a thermostat, which permits automatic control of temperature inside the oven between 70°~290℃.
  • Legs can be adjusted for suitable height as desired by turning their adjust bolts.
  • It has been so constructed as to completely prevent leakage of electric current.


  • Body is all stainless steel, clean and stands long use.
  • Pipe heater designed for cooking with oil makes effective and econoical use of heat. Besides, the electrical mechanism makes no error and enables anyone to operate it easily.
  • Due to the pipe hater easy to remove, the coil tank can be demounted and cleaned easily so that it can be kept always clean.


  • Body is stainless steel, clean, sanitary and solid enough.
  • Inside of inner enclosure can be cleaned easily because of the stainless surface.
  • Smooth rotation due to light weight.


  • Two types of heat source are available: electric type and steam type.
  • Highly durable and carefree from mechaical troubles caused by vibration, etc.
  • Steam heater piping and other parts can be replaced easily.
  • The steam type designed for high efficiency saves loss in heat exchange.
  • Electric type requires neither admission port nor exhaust port.
  • Switching, temperature control and water supply are done by "one touch" operation. All the rest is operated automatically. Very easy to control!
  • Thermostat which complies with the requirements of the UL Standard (U.S.A) shows reliable performance.
  • When water boils up to specified temperature, current is cut. And when water temperature comes down, current restarts to run.
  • Themal efficiency is 100% and safety warranted since the insulated, completely fireproof pipe heater is kept in water where no fire hazard exists.
  • Designed for safety with the empty-boil preventing device which keeps the kettle from heating without content in it.


  • Tank and agitator fan are designed specially to stir dough leaving no lumps.
  • Body presents a clean, beautiful appearance of stainless steel, shows excellent durability and resistance to corrosion, and stands even immoderate long use.
  • Motor and reduction gear are carefree from troubles because they are solidly built and sealed in the body.


  • Used mainly for boiling food or keeping warmth of cooked food.
  • It is an American type hot plate, round and containing a pipe heater cast in cast iron so that splashing soup or water will have no bad influence on it at all.
  • There is no worry about oxidization of heating element sealed in completely.
  • The entire surface of the hot plate increases in temperature evenly and, therefore, thermal efficiency is outstanding.


  • Two types of heat source are available: electric type and steam type.
  • Body is made of stainless steel free from rusting, clean and durable.
  • The right side of the top plate is provided with two jars, and the other side can be used as a work table.
  • Specially designed to stand rolling, pitching, vibration, rough handing, etc. in marine use.
  • Pipr heater is used for the electric type to ensure safety. The heater for BAINMARIE tank (used for water) is equipped with a device to prevent empty boiling.


  • Designed for marine use, it stands long use even in hard conditions or handling.
  • Maintenance work can be done readdily and in a short time.
  • Safety design conforming to specified rules, and excellent performance.
  • Compliance with DOT rule permits selection for desired number of persons.
  • Safety doubly ensured by main switch installed.
  • Complete heat preservation inside the oven.
  • Heater is so located as to destribute heat evenly. Therefore, bread is baked evenly leaving no part of it unbaked.
  • No electric shock hazard even if heater is touched by hand because it is insulated by a special method.
  • Oven is provided with a thermostat which controls temperature inside the oven between 70°~290℃ automatically. Heat capacity can also be adjusted by operating the changeover switch.
  • Foot height can be adjusted as desired by turning adjust-bolt.
  • Special electrical construction eliminates leakage of current.
  • This elect baking and roasting oven is produced as the fruit of the high credit and rich experiences that our company has gained during its 28 year's career.


  • By reasonably arranged special nozzles and high-powered pump well combined, any hard dirt can be removed instantly.
  • High-grade stainless steel is used for main parts and highly corrosion-resistant alloy for other main parts all over. The washer, therefore, shows outstanding durability and can ensure trouble-free operation.
  • Under the technical collaboration agreement with ECONONICS LABORATORY INC., (U.S.A), the largest detergent producer in the world, it is provided with perfect automatic detergent supply equipment. Therefore detergent is used without loss, and sterilization performed effectively during washing.
  • Control box, readily visible and easy to operate, is mounted at a position of safety.


  • Body is stainless steel. Two types are arailable: Fixer type and Tilting type.
  • Very convenient as it cooks various kinds of soup and boils almost all kinds of food.
  • Pot bottom is double-structured and heated by steaming. It, therefore, cooks food without making any scorched part, and is used widely for cooking soup, sauce, rice-gruel and many others.
  • The tilting type turns reading handle operation, cooked food can be let out as disired, and parts can be cleaned easily after use.


  • This is a convenient mixer applicable to many purposes. By use of agitators provided, various kinds of cooking (roughly classified into three) can be done.
      1) Cutting vegetable into fine pieces
      2) Mincing
      3) Stirring and mixing
  • Highly durable and free from mechanical troubles caused by bivration, etc.
  • Speed is changeable in 4 steps and it stirs all sorts of food evenly.
  • Agitator can be very easily mounted and demounted. Anyone can operate it easily from the front of it.


  • Table body is stainless steel. Disposer and attachments (starter and feed valve) are built in it. It can be mounted by simply connecting the power source, and water feed and drain ports.
  • Simple operation by pushbuttons on the front face of the table body,
  • Made of cast iron and other metals, it can be used semi-permanently without breaking easily or gathering rust.
  • Because dust is washed away complerely, there remains no odor. The inside of disposer need not be washed specially because water flows there keeping it clean at all times.


  • Small, light in weight, and decorated with a caracteristic pattern (provided with a slanting ham mount; finished by aluminum coating) .
  • Automatically cuts boneless ham, sausage, bacon and bread to the last slice at a rate of 45 slices minute.
  • A unique clutch type is employed. For manual operation, simply move the clutch lever to the MANUAL position, The ham mount starts and stops automatically in both-way movement.
  • In order that the user may work without danger, the round blade is covered (safety design) .
  • Aluminum coating finish is carefree from corrosion or rusting. In addition, it can be cleaned easily and kept always sanitary.


  • Two types of heat source are avilable: electric type and steam type.
  • Body is made of stainless steel free from rusting, clean and durable.
  • Top plate can also be used as a work table.
  • Specially designed to stand rolling , pitching, vibration, rough hanling, etc. in marine use.
  • Pipe heater is used for the electric type to ensure safety. The construction has been desinged completely for easy operation, replacement of heater and repair.


  • Simply put in potatoes, carrots, onions, or other tuber or bulbed vegetables from the hopper. Then the machine peels them cleanly.
  • A large quantity of tuber and bulbed vegetables can be peeled in a short time producing little loss.... very economical.
  • Opening the door causes peeled vegetables to come out automatically ready for cooking. Anyone can operate it easily.
  • Body is stainless steel, clean and outstanding in durability.


  • Because useing a far-infrared heater, it can carry out heating cooking deliciously and beautifully.
  • It has realized that smoke is stopped by upper fire heating.
  • Since smoke doesn't come out, it can miniaturize an air condetioner and is economical.
  • A space is free since it is a lightweight design without transformer.


  • Because useing a far-infrared heater, it can carry out roasting deliciously and beautifully
  • Since temperature in a warehouse is regularity, cooking can make spots there be nothing.
  • It becomes 200℃ in 5 minutes by rapid heating.
  • A place isn't chosen but installation is easy.
  • We are promoting realization of a calamity is 0 ! It is possible just because it is safe electric energy.

Electric Chinese meat dumpling
baking machine

  • Since thermal efficiency is good, it is finished speedily.
  • This machine tells at a buzzer when it is baked thoroughly.
  • It is the best for a small space by compact design,


  • It realize low energy cost
  • It pull out the delicacy of foods to the maximum extent.
  • It can respond to a deversified dish speedly.
  • It is possible to cook in large quantities by baking, boiling, defrosting. and vaccumi cooking, etc.
  • Since it is the operation panel known at a glance, it can cook easily anyone.